State Sectionals - Assigning Lanes to Individuals

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State Sectionals - Assigning Lanes to Individuals

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:35 am

Individuals will continue to be assigned lanes based upon their finish in the state sectional tournament. One Bergen County coach suggested assigning lanes based upon placing in the section. Since not every section has the same number of individuals advancing, plus the top qualifiers are "rewarded" by bowling with or next to each other, it was difficult to set up in the individual finalists the way that it was suggested. For whatever this is worth, it was also suggested that "grouping together six kids who already somewhat know each other and who compete against each other regularly makes no sense." The committee, including myself, totally disagreed with this notion. Bowling with kids you already know is somewhat comforting in a very stressful environment.


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